Why Hire a VA?


Let me give you a scenario and see if it sounds familiar: Here it is again…Friday night. The family all want to go to the movie but you have a deadline and you KNOW you won’t make it if you go out. Once again you find yourself saying “I don’t think I should…I need to get this done. Next time ok?” How does this make you feel? The family walk out leaving you staring at a stack of papers on your desk, you feel like screaming: ‘If I only had more time!!’

Ok so you know the saying; “time is money”, well let me ask you something…how much is YOUR time worth to you? What do you charge your clients per hour for your services? $50/hour? $75/hour? $150/hour?

Now…how happy are you when you need to spend time dealing with the never-ending onslaught of paperwork?

Here’s another scenario: you need to create an invoice for a $100 item and it takes you a half hour just to get the program open, enter the invoice information, delete the incorrect information, enter the information again, print out the invoice, search for an envelope, print the envelope, find another envelope and print it again correctly this time, search for a stamp….well ok, I guess you get the picture. That $100 invoice cost you a half-hour of your time. If you bill out at $50 per hour, you just lost not only the time you spent ($25) but also the time you could have used for another customer (add $25) You are out a potential $50 just on that one invoice.

What takes you time to do at your hourly rate could more easily, and often less expensively, be handled by an administrative professional. This frees up your time to work on something that pays you.

But wait…you can’t afford to hire someone? I completely understand. The costs of hiring someone; training them, providing space and equipment, employer costs for income taxes, etc., makes hiring even a part-time admin assistant unreachable for most small businesses. And let’s face it, most experienced administrative professionals want full-time work. They might accept a part-time gig temporarily but only until something full-time comes up and you’re left high and dry again. What is the solution? You could beg your spouse to do the work for you…but don’t they have enough to do already?? What about your kids? They might handle things for you…in between MTV and reality shows.

So what can you do? You can talk to me! Give me your scenario and together we can come up with a solution that will work for you. You may only need someone to give you a hand once a week or even just a couple of hours a month! Think you could afford that? Again, consider how much your time is worth to you and just think of all the tasks you can pass off to a Virtual Assistant!

What you need to do
What you need to do right now is to take stock of your situation. Look at your desk…what is the worst task sitting on your desk…the thing you hate doing the most? That’s what I can help you with. Are you launching a new product…or even a new business? I can help you with creating your promotional materials, manage your launch schedule so you stay on focused and on target, schedule regular promotional e-mails to your clients, design and create a WordPress website to help you get the word out globally. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Why don’t you send me an e-mail right now…tell me what you are thinking and let’s see if we can save a few of your hours so you can do what you love, instead of what you hate. Consultations are always free.

You could be just an e-mail away from free time, lunch out with your spouse, spending time with your kids, or even building your business by networking, instead of spending it saying ‘no I better get this finished…I’ll go next time’. It’s up to you. I can promise you that things won’t change until you take that first step. Let’s work together to boost your business to the next level!

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