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Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

Overworked and Stressed Out Woman at Desk

  • The paperwork pile on your desk threatens to bury you?
  • Last months’ invoices/bills are still waiting to be entered into your bookkeeping software?
  • You’re spending evenings trying to get ‘caught up’ instead of spending time with your family?
  • You have a big report due but it just doesn’t look right and you don’t know how to fix it?
  • You’re receiving so many e-mails you don’t have time to get other work done?
  • A special event is coming up and you need marketing materials but don’t know where to start?


A Virtual Assistant To The Rescue!

A what? …A Virtual Assistant!

A Virtual Assistant (or VA for short) can handle nearly every aspect of a business’s administrative tasks from word processing to proofreading to managing e-mails to designing a website to writing articles and much more. A VA works closely with business owners and individuals not only to provide the needed service but “also provides technical and/or creative business support services” As a VA I have been able to help various businesses and individuals with audit reports, template creation, typing up forms, creating résumés, writing funeral hand-outs, created printed wedding invitations, designed newsletters, developed policies and procedures, collated data for annual reports, created flyers, built and maintained spreadsheets, and the list goes on and on. A Virtual Assistant can tackle any task!

I can hear you…you’re saying ‘I can’t afford to hire someone!’

Before you jump to conclusions:

I want you to see how valuable a Virtual Assistant can be to your business (and ultimately your sanity!!) so I’m offering a limited number of spots in my business at a special rate and I’m calling it my Spring Fever Special!

Sign up NOW to reserve

5-hour blocks of my time for only $50!!

What will your $50 get you? Well, do you have a WordPress website that needs to be updated? How about that contact management list you said you wanted to build but never got around to? Have an annual report that you were supposed to have finished by fiscal year end … and it’s still not done? Maybe you need some forms created, a survey built, customer appreciation letter written, flyers developed, your schedule organized. You name it! Don’t think you could use up 5 hours? Go in with a friend…share the hours with someone else. Both of you will get the benefit of having tasks finally completed for minimal cost.

So what’s the catch?

There are a few limitations, but not many:

  • This deal is open to anyone, past or present clients, small or home-based businesses, individuals, anyone!
  • You do not have to use up your 5 hours all at once, in fact, you will have two months from purchase date to use these hours.
  • Yes, you can purchase more than one block of 5 hours at a time!
  • You will need to prepay for these hours through PayPal, I will not be sending out invoices for this special sale. I will be tracking my time as usual, with
  • Any extra costs incurred (such as photocopying, postage, etc.) must be agreed on and paid before completed work is handed over.

 Send me a message at and let’s talk about how I can help you!

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