Word Processing
In a competitive business market entrepreneurs have a very small window of opportunity to grab the attention of potential clients. None of us can afford to produce documents that are substandard. I am known as a stickler for correct spelling, word usage, and layout balance. If your business uses printed materials in your marketing plan, I can help ensure that what you create is flawless. Along with producing any type of word processing document from memo to annual report, I also offer proofreading and grammatical suggestions for self-created materials. These are a few of word processing services I offer:

  • meeting minutes
  • customer appreciation letters
  • reports
  • menus
  • custom designed forms
  • prepare marketing package
  • flyers
  • procedure manuals
  • mailing and filing labels
  • e-mail newsletter creation and distribution

Data Management
Have you been finding it more and more difficult to keep on top of your inventory and supplies costs? What about your business expenses? Let me help you in creating a specialized spreadsheet so you don’t have to pull out your hair anymore! Need to track clients, contacts, suppliers? I am able to build and manage a database that will provide you with reports and information that will help you in your marketing and sales history. Some other areas I can help in data management include:

  • organize and maintain client list
  • create sales and marketing lists
  • timesheets
  • mileage tracking
  • questionnaires
  • client activity reports
  • sales tracking
  • monthly and yearly sales
  • business expenses
  • marketing expenses

WordPress Websites
Interested in getting online or to expand your online presence? I offer website and blog design and maintenance with WordPress. I personally use the Suffusion theme but there are literally thousands of theme choices out there. This highly customizable tool can provide your business with exactly the web presence you are looking for. Do you already have a website or blog and need help keeping it up-to-date? I can help with that as well. Just send me a message let’s get you online!

Human Resources Support
You have a list of prerequisites you’re looking for in staff but you don’t have the time to screen and shortlist potential employees. Allow me to do the preliminary work for you. I can help you write your job posting, advertise the posting in area newspapers, accept applications and résumés, and prescreen applicants thus saving you hours and hours of time. I can even handle telephone pre-shortlist interviews to help narrow down your staffing search. Give me a call and I’ll help you find the best staff for your business!

As with all things admin, it’s hard to list every task I can help you with. If there’s something you need help with but don’t see if on this list, send me a message, if I am not able to help you I will forward your request to someone who can.